Professional scoring through inVISUALmotion

Professional scoring through inVISUALmotion

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Monday, 2014-04-28

Professional scoring through inVISUALmotion

Ongoing with recording and it's editing, sound effects and sound-design we're offering a wide range of capabilities to score your product and entirely unique productions of soundtracks and film music, as well as scoring and synchronisation.

The opportunities thereby are highly manifold and were extending from live recordings, individual digital productions, or arrangements propped by extensive sound databases.

Cause everything need's it's time, the Audio section of it could be updated only now - think it's working. In dependence of recent projects this will be extended.

No effort spared there was a photo shooting yet, to emphasize this important part of audiovisual media. The result is a small series of pictures where a couple of them are visible at the bottom of this page.

More about this shooting and some more pictures in time at our Blog.

Jo Zapf - inVISUALmotion

About the author: Jo Zapf is dealing systematically with web, print, GFX, SFX, VFX & MoGraph since 1999. The aftermath thereof, late of 2012 he brought inVISUALmotion to life. Beside conception, communication and web, his priorities today are filming, sound-effects & post-production, 3D and Motion Graphics.

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