the FX-Sounds for your project individual gladly. Of course you have the opportunity to get a full customized soundtrack as well.

  • Soundtracks
  • FX-Sounds & Sound-Design
  • Synchronisation
  • Professional Scoring
  • Voice Over
  • Individual Productions

An expansively and growing network

shaped by (sound) artists, musicians and studios  which warmly were engaged on demanding tasks to realise such as sophisticated audio productions.

  • Soundtracks

    Soundtracks are an manifold and important medium to transport emotions and informations. We would be pleased to create your sound from scratch. Some Demo's you'll find at the SoundCloud Account from inVISUALmotion.

  • FX-Sounds & Sound-Design

    Grant your video the "right" punch with individual FX-Sounds or noises. From forrest atmospheres towards to fulminant explosions - from sound databases  through individual productions.

  • Synchronisation

    The recordings through the camera often does'nt correlate to the requested quality and will be recored extern in many cases - for example via radio transmitting. They will be synchronized exactly to the related video recordings. For synchronisation through speaker we're using the production rooms of inVISUALmotion or oder greifen having a recourse to specialized providers.

  • Your reference person:

    Jo Zapf
    Jo Zapf
    GFX | VFX | SFX | MoGraph | CGI / 3D | Web | Film | Foto

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    In irregular intervals we're puplishing some demo tracks at soundcloud, which were also available for the projects of our customers.

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