"The digital photography is not only providing to record memories, but also to create some." (James Wayner)

Photos are'nt an indispensable medium to visualize various emotions and informations. However they are extending the range awfully. and therefore they are a constituent part on production of audio-visual media.

The commercial and coincidently authentic, elaborately photography is a balancing act.
Therefore inVISUALmotion is working together with various photographers to afford your picture the X-factor which occasionally merely relies on enhanced experience, a lot of passion and genuine interest.

  • Video Photo Slideshow
  • Web Photo Slideshow
  • Online Photoalbum
  • Photo-CD/DVD/Minidisc
  • Digitalisization
  • Restauration & Retouch

  • Advertising Photography

    Advertising photography for product placement or business presentations, marketing and  public relations.

    At the advertising photography the photographer and designer often takes more effect on the picture to make it optimal for it's advertising purpose.

  • Art Photography

    Especially in the photography of art pictures were not bounded to tell "the truth". You're welcome to utilize the range of art photography, to transport your information.

  • Event Photography

    Beginning from weddings through business desk or club events - professional catched it provides manifold possibilities and good reasons to settle for professional event photography/videography. 

  • Portrait Photography

    The portrait photography is assigned to a significant role in the range of media production. Started with a DVD odr CD cover, through web- or print, business web presences or business cards -portraits are as universally usable as they became a standard.

  • Editorial Phtography

    By the provided editorial photography and  according to your media project high quality results will be created and will be powerfull alligned on your individual content and layout. Towards an detailed analysis we're glad to create your editorial photos for the random media formats of your choice.

  • Stock Photography

    Gladly we're pre-producing stock photos through your defaults and demands, to put high quality stock footage on disposal for your long termed marketing campaign. 

  • Product Photography

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    [Translate to English:] In einer Zeit in der visuelle Kommunikation zunehmend an Bedeutung gewinnt, wird es immer wichtiger sich mit der Darstellung seiner Produkte abzuheben. Professionell produziert und fair kalkuliert liefern wir Ihnen Ihre Aufnahmen je nach Wunsch auf einem Datenträger oder Download. Bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie uns gerne.

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    Jo Zapf
    Jo Zapf
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